Increase Market Share of Agent & Adjuster Referred Restoration Work
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Welcome to Restoration Marketing Success

As an adjuster with over 30 years experience, I’ve often been approached by contractors wanting to know how they become the contractors called in by adjusters and agents to repair damaged properties.

They knew that insurance companies spent billions annually to restore buildings damaged by fire, water and other natural disasters. They knew that insurance companies needed to align with contractors to adequately assess that damage.

What they didn’t know or what they expected would take them years of trial and error experience to learn, was how to find adjusters and agents and how to get on approved lists to work with them.

My books, workshops and manuals will show you how to build relationships with adjusters and agents that can make a major impact on your bottom line.

A year after he’d bought my book, one contractor walked up to me and said “I can point to a specific point I learned from your book that made me $180,000.00 last year.”

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