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Restoration Marketing Strategies in Chicago June 4th & 5th

Here are 10 reasons why you or someone from your firm should attend our workshop; “Restoration Marketing Strategies” in Chicago June 4th & 5th.

1. You want more business from insurance adjusters.
2. You want to improve the level of adjusters you get business from.
3. You want to understand how adjusters make decisions to retain vendors like you.
4. You want to understand how the insurance industry operates.
5. You want to know if you should stay one or try to become a “Preferred Vendor?”
6. You want to know about more opportunities to exhibit your services at conferences or conventions attended by insurance claims adjusters.
7. You want to know how to build your list of insurance claims contacts.
8. You want to know how and where to advertise to get more attention from claims adjusters.
9. You want to know if you’re wasting your time and money on the “Free Lunch Groupies.”
10. You want to know what is the single most effective way to endear your company to claims adjusters.

Invest in your future. Send your marketing people or come yourself to be energized and transformed. Register now! Class sizes are limited.

Discounts are available for two or more.

When Does An Adjuster Make The Decision To Call A Resource (Like You) To Service A Claim?

It’s at that moment that he or she opens the new file and reviews the details of that claim. As the adjuster reviews she is deciding that she’ll need a resource (such as a contractor or forensic engineer or accountant or nurse case manager, etc)

It’s at that very instant that you wish you could be standing right in front of her telling her about what your firm could do for her in this case and that you are ready and able to roll with it. But that moment doesn’t happen very often.

There is a way to be in the adjuster’s psyche at that moment that they decide they need you. We talk about this at our workshops that are designed to help service providers build stronger relationships with adjusters. Don’t miss an opportunity to attend the next one.

When They Don’t Return Your Call . .

Sometimes when an adjuster is not returning your calls, it may be they’ve been transferred to another territory or department. In a perfect world you would expect the courtesy of a return call to let you know. But in reality, that frequently doesn’t happen.

So periodically, here’s what you do to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels. Call a clerical or claim service rep. Don’t tell them who you are. Just inquire as to who is responsible for your territory (or line of claim); i.e. “Can you tell me who the property claims supervisor for Georgia is?” Or “Who the worker’s comp adjuster for South Metro is now?”

The clerk will either affirm what you already knew or you’ll find out that your former contact has been replaced or reshuffled.
Reshuffling occurs often in the insurance claims business. The bad news is that you have to re-build a relationship with someone new. The good news is that your old contact may re-surface at a new company that may be a source of additional business. Or if the old contact is still at the same company, ask them for an introduction to the new adjuster.
Sharing claims market secrets and sharpening your skills to influence adjusters and insurance companies is what happens at our workshops. Don’t miss an opportunity to attend our next workship.